The Ultimate Guide to Selecting an Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided that it’s time to pop the question. You’re all set to ask her, but you need to get the perfect engagement ring for her. Fear not, for below is the ultimate guide to getting an engagement ring that perfectly suits her unique nature. It’s not as hard as you think!!



Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Before you start your entire process, make a budget that won’t leave you bankrupt. Lots of couples choose to spend an amount of about two months of their salary, but that isn’t set in stone.

Research on what kind of diamond you want, and ensure that you get the one with the most quality that can fit in your budget, for instance, emerald cut diamond engagement rings would go for about 9K per carat, but they are also priced based on the metal around the stone too, not just the size. Also, ensure that you’re buying from a jeweler who has a history of satisfying his customers. A seedy jeweler may offer you a cheaper price, but you can’t trust the quality of the item!

Make sure that you’ve accounted for all expenses in your budget. Wedding and honeymoon expenses may come to mind first, but don’t forget about student loan debts, credit card balances, and money for setting up your new household.


Choice of metals

In this category, you’re pretty much spoiled for choice. You’ve got loads of options to choose from, and you’re not going to go wrong with any of them. The main choice you’ll make if you’re going with gold is whether you’ll use white or yellow gold. The best way to choose between these two is to look at what your bride-to-be currently wears.

Your other choice is platinum. Platinum has increased in popularity in recent times for several reasons. Platinum is usually purer than gold and it’s also more durable and harder than gold. While platinum is more expensive than gold, it is also more permanent and it doesn’t wear off in the same way that white gold does.


Setting choice

You can’t go wrong with a diamond setting, of which there are three main types. You can choose a solitaire setting, where a single diamond is showcased on a metal band. You can also choose a setting which has a center diamond and other stones set around the band. For a more personalized touch, pair the center diamond with your partner’s birthstones around it.


Choosing your diamond

emerald ring

Make sure you look carefully at the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of your diamond. Remember that the beauty of a diamond lies in its flaws, not in its perfection, so it’s okay if your diamond isn’t perfect. Look for the perfect shape of a diamond, and make your choice according to what you think will look best on your bride-to-be’s finger.



Although lots of couples shop together for engagement rings today, there are still those grooms who prefer to spring the ring as a surprise. Don’t forget to get a second opinion about the ring from your bride-to-be’s mother or close friends. If you’re planning to spring a surprise, then pick someone who won’t blab!


Purchase details

Get a gemological appraisal to confirm that the ring is really what the jeweler says it is. Get your gemstones graded and get a certificate for insurance purposes. Also, check whether the jeweler has a good return policy that you can use in case of any errors.

Don’t skimp on insurance; it has the potential to save you if the diamond gets lost or stolen.

Whether you’re going to propose during a romantic dinner or a very public flash mob, giving her the perfect ring will add an element of timeless joy to the occasion while also giving her a keepsake to remind her of your love for her.


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