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Are you looking for web traffic for your local business and are you sick of all the scammers in the SEO industry?

What if there was an SEO company that offered whitehat, authoritative links from sites such as wikipedia, huffington post instead of the spammy web 2.0s or blog comments you usually see?

Local SEO Bee is one of those companies.


SEO is one of the shadiest businesses in the world and SEOers have a worse reputation than car salesmen. In a field where even the largest SEO agencies offer low quality SEO that so very often harms websites, SEO Bee stands out. What makes it different?

You will be getting only quality links. They value quality over quantity and instead of getting hundreds or thousands of links, you’ll be getting few but they will be very high quality. This is the safest route in SEO. By building links of extreme authority, you are guaranteed a ranking boost on search engines. A few of these authoritative links usually bring better results than thousands of low or moderate quality links which most SEO agencies offer.

In a recent case study from an internet marketing forum, many local SEO services were put to the test. These included big name companies like Dejan SEO, but SEO Bee came out on top by far. Many of the other companies brought about SERP rises, but nothing major to guarantee any traffic increase. Furthermore, there were some services that offered no change to rankings (we won’t be naming those services) which is highly alarming considering how easy it is to improve a website’s rankings even minimally.


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