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There was a time when red dot sights were only mounted on firearms used for competitive events, but shooters nowadays are putting them on pistols. Weapon mounted lasers and red dot sights are becoming so widespread that holster making companies have started making holsters compatible with the sights.

However, it is still uncommon to find pistols meant for concealed carrying equipped with RDS. I decided to try out a pistol equipped with a RDS.

RDS has many of the same advantages as lasers; and a few of the same disadvantages too. Both are harder to get used to and will require more practice. However, the upside is that accuracy and shooting speed are much improved, especially at close ranges. It’s much easier to aim and shoot eve if you’re in an awkward position. It also becomes much easier to shoot while moving.

If you don’t want to order new holsters, you can adjust your existing ones with a bit of DIY knowledge and some hours in the garage. However, if that’s not your thing, you can simply order a customized Safariland ALS holster to carry your RDS equipped pistol.

Safariland ALS holster

Never forget to zero the RDS at a previously confirmed distance. You can’t just throw the sights on and expect to be able to point and shoot at someone. Before you start relying on it for safety, spend a few hours on the range so you can get used to exactly what the sights will be giving you.

Carrying and shooting with the pistols was just like normal, and after some time I didn’t even notice any difference in function. Drawing was as comfortable as ever and there was next to no change in the smoothness of the draw. I didn’t feel any snagging anywhere, and I could get on target as easily as I previously could. The reliability and functionality seemed the same and my accuracy actually went a notch higher.

Whatever position you carry your pistol in, there should be little or no difference in how it feels. I tried a variety of positions, and after a few minutes of discomfort it felt totally natural.

Depending on how much money you’re willing to spend and what exactly you want to use it for, you can get any type of RDS. You can even get sights that don’t require any batteries and so can be very useful if you’re going on trips where you won’t have access to new batteries. You should also look at higher quality products so you can be certain that they won’t lose contact and then turn off because of recoil.

If you think you want to get a red dot sight, then be sure to spend time looking for the best red dot sight. I expected to find some issues when using it, but didn’t really experience any except the increased cost and the necessity to change your slide a bit.

The sight has next to no disadvantages and might be able to save your life in certain situations.

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