New Condom that can Kill STDs


A new condom designed by Ansell is set to hit the market in Australia. It uses VivaGel, a lubricant which can kill over 99.9% of viruses. Even HIV, HPV and Herpes.

Why can’t you use this gel as a cure you may ask? It’s mainly because, once the virus enters your body, it hides so well and remain undetected. It’s best to kill it before it gets transmitted. Currently, there is also research on how the virus can be exposed in order for it to be killed inside the body. The Herpes cure research is currently underway, but far from succeeding.

A standard condom offers protection against these, but not to a great extent. The new condom can greater decrease the chances of contracting these viruses, but be warned that it is far from full proof protection.

Since Australia is expected to experience an increase in Sexually Transmitted Infections, this may be a great time for the product to shine.

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