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What are V-Lines? Have a look at the image below to see:

how to get V-lines

There is a popular myth that it is impossible to lose weight if you eat wrong no matter how much exercise you are doing. While it is true that a diet that is rich in saturated fats will adversely affect your health; it is possible to maintain a healthy weight by exercising properly. What matters is the ratio of your total intake of calories to the total number of calories that you burn. In simple words, if you eat more you need to work out more often to maintain your weight.

If you eat a diet that is very low in calorie count and lead a very sedentary life style you are likely to pile on weight. The most important factor here is the basal metabolic rate (BMR). It is the minimal rateĀ of energy expenditure per unit time by warm-blooded animals at rest. This value is the accurate measure of how good your body is in using up calories. A person with slow BMR may put on weight even after being on a stringent diet. This is why we sometimes come across fat people cribbing that they survive on paltry meals and yet their weight issues do not get resolved. They are just unfortunate people who have a slow metabolic rate. But there is hope for all because there are ways to kick up your BMR.

Exercising is the easiest way to boost up your metabolic rate. Apart from helping you to use up the stored calories it will also improve your blood circulation and you will be a healthier individual. Losing weight via an exercise regimen is the best way to lose weight because you end up strengthening your muscles and losing your surplus body fat.

The opposite might happen if you try to lose weight by starving your body of nutrition. One adverse effect is that your body will go into starvation mode to preserve itself which implies a slower metabolic rate. This is a very bad situation, because despite being a healthy individual, your body will now have low metabolism and you will put on weight very easily. The other problem is that your body will seek nutrition by breaking down stored calories and the bad thing is that it will break down a combination of muscles and fat to generate energy for sustenance. This means that you will end up a thinner but weaker person who feels exhausted all the time.

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