Far Cry 4’s Amazing Modded Maps

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We can all agree that Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 was a stunning game that left fans clamoring for more. After some time, Ubisoft acquiesced and released an amazing Far Cry 4 map editor for Far Cry 4’s Kyrat location.

This map editor simply allows players to create absolutely anything they want in the huge area covered by Kyrat. Players can put animals and objects where they want to, and they can even place huge obstacles such as bars, death pits, and many others. Far Cry 4 players have gotten the chance to become the God of their own personal Kyrat.

Players have used the map editor to create some stunning environments from all over pop culture. From Zelda’s Hyrule to Mad Max scenarios to survival horror locations, players have created it all.

While the map editor was initially only usable in single player mode, it was later upgraded to support co-op gameplay, an addition which added to the game’s attractiveness.

Far Cry 4 Rhinos

Far Cry 4’s map editor also allows you to create your own outposts, no matter how whacky or absurd you want them to be. You can make an outpost with a hundred fixed machine guns and a thousand protectors, or you can make a base with a single sleeping soldier who is trapped on top of a tree. It’s all completely up to you.

One of the bases that has actually been created is an outpost which contains hundreds of monkeys that have C4 strapped on their backs. The objective when taking these bases? Burn all animals to a crisp with your flame thrower.

One thing that you can say about Ubisoft is that they really really knew that all we wanted to do was to have fun.

YOgames, a YouTube user has used the editor to create several environments that are surprisingly terrifying and turn the game into a horror game. The first environment is called the ‘Devil in the Swamp’ and needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. The makers have even added a spooky soundtrack that blends well with the scenario.

Ubisoft is no stranger to spooky environments, having inserted them into many of the franchises previous games. However, there is nothing they have made that looks remotely as creepy as the edited locations.

Who knows, maybe Ubisoft will borrow a leaf from these aspiring game designers and create their own horror game using the current ‘Far Cry’ engine.

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