Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinners: The Marina vs. The Creek

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Dubai is known as one of leading cities in the world. Located by the southern Persian Gulf, tourists and residents love to take advantage and go for a dhow cruise dinner. In fact these cruise dinners are so popular there are two places to have them, the Dubai Marina and the Creek. Although the Creek is in the older part of town and the Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise takes place in a area of the “New Dubai”, residents agree that they relatively do the same event. But recently the question has come up, is one of them better?

The Sights

To many people, cruise dinners have to have a view, or what is the point of going if it’s just like a regular restaurant? The Creek is know for it’s old school charm, although the views can be limited. The Dhow boats are only allowed to sail in a certain are within the Creek. One of the views is the promenade, which is nice place for walks but offers little to no anesthetic views for the riders upon the boat. The other sight from the Dhow boats include iconic buildings in Dubai, like the Sheraton, although some passengers have expressed the outdated view of the buildings, as they are slightly modern but not yet historical or feats of architecture. The historical view comes from the heritage village that can be seen from the boat. This is one of the only nice views the dhow boat contains.

The Marina, on the other hand, has much more modern construction and architectural elements, due to it being in a new part of the city. Passing cars and trams on the bridges above the boat offers a element of excitement and originality, while the skyline that can be viewed at night looks amazing. During the day you can view people busying themselves in the shops and cafes in the promenade. The busy views looks different every time you view it and adds a sense of being new while dining.

Higher Quality

Admittedly, the Marina is more expensive from the Creek. he berthing fees for the boats are about double what it is for it’s counterpart. They counteract this by raising prices, and provides higher quality services and food to keep passengers pleased. The Marina works with CitiMax to ensure food and drink of the best quality while getting bang for your buck.

Dhows in Dubai Creek are said to be very low. How low? as low as 65 AED ( Dubai’s currency). This money has to stretch to cover catering, maintenance for the boat, and staff salaries.Passengers have claimed that because of this, catering and just the services overall contain very poor quality.



For those who have not been to a cruise dinner in a while will be surprised at the experience they have at the Marina. it is a new experience while at the same time, causing nostalgia at their past dhow cruise dinners. Reviews of the Maria are excellent and are causing the Marina to be increasingly more popular the n the Creek. Either way, both places will bring back memories or create some new ones for you.

The Winner?

Comparing both Dhow experiences, most would pick the Marina to the Creek. Btu it completely depends n your preferences. The Creek has a daily routine sort of ambiance, and is perfect for those who love routine. The Marina on the other hand, gives off an ambiance of excitement and leisure. Overall though, the Marina provides a higher quality experience, and gives the passengers a rich memory to treasure.

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